Correcting my own misconceptions on war

The war ended on papers, but the real war does not ended in people’s hearts. Learning the facts of wars in history class is much different than learning about the reality that affects our veterans.

Reflections on the death of Pat Tillman

In 2004, Pat Tillman was shot and killed in one of the most infamous incidents of friendly fire in U.S. military history. It hasn’t been confirmed, and probably never will, who actually fired the fatal shot. But one of the men there that day shares the hardship that haunts him.

On murder and forgiveness: What would I do?

Jeanne Bishop’s sister – along with her sister’s unborn child and husband – were murdered. Yet Bishop found a way to forgive. After reading her story, I had to ask myself: What would I do, if I were in her shoes?

Struggling with the death penalty

My views on the death penalty are influenced by my upbringing, beliefs and experiences. It would make sense to call myself a struggling supporter of it – but there are times when the system is deeply flawed.